Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cabins like?

We have rustic, log-style cabins designed in the early 1930s, with appropriate modern renovations over the years. Most of our cabins are alike with three bedrooms (called chalets), a large center room, and a bathroom right in the cabin. The bedrooms sleep five to eight campers with cubby areas for clothes and a traditional “green shelf” by each bed that holds each camper’s belongings. The large center room is like a living room for the cabin. It has a traditional wood-burning fireplace, a great place where cabin meetings and fun cabin events take place. As mentioned, bathrooms are located inside the cabin with toilets and sinks. Hot water showers and bathrooms are located within walking distance.

Can I bring items from home to make my sleeping room my own?

Absolutely! Pictures and appropriate posters are all acceptable to bring from home to make your sleeping space your own. We just ask that you please use masking or painter's tape so that we can keep our cabin walls in pristine condition.

How is the food?

Our meals are pretty great! Our camp focuses on child-friendly meals with a variety of options to choose from.

Breakfast includes a hot entree and a cereal bar. At lunch and dinner, we have a hot entree with a side, and a salad bar with rotating options for salad and sandwich making. At most meals, we serve water, milk, and juice. A healthy snack is provided each day, in either the late afternoon or evening. Fresh fruit and water are always readily available throughout the day.

We also have a weekly cabin cookout, special meals, and all-camp field meals on our Special Days. Some of these special meals include Build-Your-Own-Pizza Night and International Food Night. Every week campers will also get to enjoy a “Lazy Breakfast”, which includes a hot breakfast buffet and yummy pastries.

Please note: Camp does offer vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options. If you have additional dietary concerns please contact our main office.

Is there a dress code?

We are a non-uniform camp, but we do ask that all clothing brought to camp is appropriate. We usually recommend comfortable and functional clothing, while also being prepared for Minnesota’s diverse weather. At Camp Lincoln, Sunday morning’s Camp Church service requires campers to dress in Camp Lincoln Apparel. During Special Day activities, campers may dress up for the theme of the day. These themes are announced in the Spring, so you will be able to prepare in advance. We also have an on-site camp store if you would like to purchase items with our camp logo. If you would like to purchase camp logo items before the summer, you can visit our online store located on our website.

Will I have a chance to get my laundry done?

Yes, if you are a Three or Four-week Camper you will have an opportunity to get your laundry done. Our laundry service is not available for Two-week, Intro or Coed Campers, unless needed.

Do I get to choose my own activities?

Yes, you will get to choose your own activities! Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert offer 40+ land and water activities to choose from! You get to choose four activities per day and do these same activities for three days. After the three days (we call this a “block”), you choose activities for the next three days. You can choose to continue in some of the same activities or pick something entirely new. We encourage campers to continually try new activities. Check out all of the activities we offer on our website!

What do I do if I get homesick?

Your Counselors, Division Directors and Camp Directors are always able to assist you. We know it is not always easy adapting to a new environment away from home, and all our staff are well-equipped to help you deal with problems that may arise. They are very eager to help you adjust and to ensure that your stay with us is a happy and fulfilling one. Any time you need to talk, we will always be there for you. You can also prepare before you get to camp. Maybe spend a week at your Grandparents!

Where are the campers from?

Our campers come from all over the world. Many campers come from areas such as: Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Colorado, Texas, Iowa, California, Connecticut, Virginia and New York. We also have campers that travel internationally from Mexico, France, Spain, Italy and The United Kingdom. Coming to camp is a great way to meet new friends from around the world.

Will I be the only new camper in my cabin?

No, you will not be the only new camper in your cabin. We have both new and returning campers in each age group and cabin. Besides having campers from different states and countries, a good mix of new and returning campers also helps keep the camp population diverse.

Can I bring my cell phone, game boy or ipod?

We are an “unplugged” camp. You may travel with all of your electronic devices, but once at camp we ask that you turn them in for safe keeping in the camp office. Camp is a place to celebrate and enjoy the great outdoors and take a break from the electronic connection of everyday life. At the end of each session cellular phones will be charged and returned for the trip home.

Within the cabin, we do allow CD/MP3 players, iPods and kindles that do not have video capability.

Due to the natural world that we are surrounded by at camp, we suggest that speakers are left at home. If you choose to pack one for camp, please leave it in your cabin and be mindful of when you use it and the volume level. Camp puts a lot of importance on community, so we all do our best to be respectful to our cabinmates.

What does a typical day look like at camp?

Check out our typical day schedule.

Can people send me packages while I am at camp?

We believe that camp is a gift unto itself. Therefore, care packages and gifts are not allowed at camp. Any forgotten items on our Packing List can be sent. All packages bigger than a flat envelope will be opened by the Camp Director or their appointed staff. Care packages and all items not listed on the Camp Packing List will be donated to a local charity.

Can I call home while I am at camp?

If you come by plane then you will call home upon your arrival at camp to let your parents know that you have arrived safely. During the rest of the session, you will communicate with your parents through letters, so make sure to bring your favorite stationery and stamps. Your parents will also be able to send you letters and one-way emails through “CampInTouch”. You can even reply to their emails by writing on our special email paper that camp will scan and send to your parents.

CampInTouch is a service provider with a link on our website where parents can log onto and send you electronic emails during your camp stay. The camp will also upload lots of photos during the camp session and your parents can look for you and your cabin mates in the photos. So make sure that you are smiling when the photographer shows up at your activity!

If I come to camp with a friend from home will we be in the same cabin?

We will do our best to honor your cabinmate request for the same length of stay and grade. Camp will only honor one cabinmate request, and are only eligible for the same cabin and not for the same chalet (sleeping room). Please make sure to make this request at least two weeks BEFORE coming to camp. Campers will find out their cabin placement once they arrive at camp.

What is the Booster Club and how can I join?

The Booster Club is our Camper Referral Program. All you have to do to become an honorary member is to fill out a Booster Club Postcard or complete a form on our website. If your friend decides to come to camp, then you will begin earning your Booster Club levels and prizes.

Our limited edition prizes are all personalized with our Booster Club insignia and your “Level” of commitment.

• Level One – Engraved CLCLH Mini-Paddle
• Level Two – A CLCLH Blanket
• Level Three – A CLCLH Fleece Pullover
• Level Four – CLCLH Windbreaker Jacket
• Level Five – A Brand New Mountain Bike!

What are my counselors like and where are they from?

Counselors come to Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert from all over the U.S. and the world. There are four to five staff members per cabin, so you will get to know a variety of counselors. Counselors are usually attending College or University, or they are the equivalent age.

Some counselors are former campers themselves and a number have participated in our Leadership Training Program.

What are Special Days and how do I prepare for them?

For variety and fun, every week we designate one day as a Special Day, which is different than a typical activity day at camp. The Special Day usually has a theme and campers and staff often dress up for the theme and participate in different games, events, and activities throughout the day. Special Days are announced every Spring.

How do I stay in contact with my camp friends?

At the end of each session, we will provide the names and addresses of the campers in your cabin, so that you can keep in touch if you wish. You can also connect with your camp friends by writing them a letter and sending it to the camp office. We will then forward it to them for you.

What other rules do I need to know about camp?

Safety is always our first priority while at camp, in every activity or program that we do. We ask that you follow our safety protocol in all areas of camp life. Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert also expect campers to try and live out the five Core Camp Values, you will hear about these throughout your summer. Our camp community is what makes us strong and that largely, in part to the compassion we show our fellow campers. We do expect you to maintain your area and keep it clean, and to always be respectful to yourself and others! And, of course, we expect you to have FUN! Specific camp expectations are also mentioned in the Parent Handbook.

What if I have a birthday while at camp?

Camp Birthdays are very special! If your birthday occurs while you are at camp, then it’s your lucky day! During one of the meals on your special day, you will be sung Happy Birthday-camp style- and receive a yummy birthday cake to share with your cabin group. Your friends and family will be able to send you birthday cards, but, remember, no care packages will be accepted on this day.

Is there a store at camp to buy toiletries, clothing, etc.?

There is a camp store on site for such items. The store offers toiletries, such as: shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, bug spray, sun block, postcards, and stamps. There are also clothing items with our camp logo. Our online store has a greater supply of camp clothing items, so check it out on our website. Purchases made at the camp store will be charged to the camper’s expense account.

Camp apparel online stores:
Camp Lincoln | Camp Lake Hubert

Is this the best camp?

In a word, YES!

I think it was time to get to know other people all by himself, he went to the camp alone, so it was worth it to see all the people he got to know, and get related to.