Camp Lincoln’s long, rich history stretches back to 1909 when William Blake, of The Blake School in Minneapolis, Minnesota, founded Blake Camp on the shores of Lake Hubert. The Blake Camp served as a reward for boys who achieved stringent academic goals at the Blake School. In 1923, former staff member Brownie Cote purchased the camp and changed the name to Camp Lincoln for Boys.

Shortly thereafter athletic star and former counselor Chuck Everett, Sr. and former kitchen worker Fred Rogers, joined Brownie Cote and forged a partnership that would shape the foundation and develop the now nationally recognized camp program. In 1968, after decades of success, friendships, camping, and development, Brownie’s son, Sam Cote, joined the growing team as the new Camp Lincoln Director. Sam continues to spread his decades of knowledge and expertise about camping in the Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert Winter Office today.

Following his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and continuing the family tradition, Ruggs Cote joined the full-time team in 1998 to eventually become the Executive Director of Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert.

Now after having more than 100 years camping excellence, and with tens of thousands of alumni all over the world, Camp Lincoln continues to offer the same experience, values, and opportunities as the inaugural summer of 1909. We look forward to continuing the tradition for another incredible 100 years and beyond!

I loved hearing Isaac talk about the sense of community at camp. He came home trying to recreate the vibe from camp in our house, and has been excited to include his brothers.