Leadership Program

The Camp Lincoln Leadership Training (LT) Program is a two-year leadership development program open to young men currently in 10th and 11th grade. Those young men that are highly motivated, willing to work hard and have a strong desire to develop skills that can be used in camp as well as in their home communities should apply to this program.

The LT Program is divided into Level 1 (4 weeks in length), and Level 2 (6-8 weeks in length) with each level having its own set of requirements. At the program’s core is the goal of teaching life skills that translate into preparing young men for life outside of camp, i.e.: jobs, extracurricular activities, community service work, entrance into college, etc.

Young men who are committed to doing their best to act responsibly, and respectfully, as part of the Camp Lincoln Environment as a LT should contact André Brewer at andre@lincoln-lakehubert.com to further discuss the separate application process and the program’s benefits.

Liam went to camp without knowing anyone and was able to adjust and thrive in that environment. I think the camp had so much to do with his success - he was confident, comfortable, and genuinely excited about every day.