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Bill Jones

Bill Jones

Bill’s history with Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert stretches back 50 years to his camper and staff member days in the late 50s and early 60s. Bill grew up in the Baltimore, Maryland area, and earned his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Tech. Since joining Camp, Bill has been very active with the American Camp Association (ACA) on the national and local level. He is a past President and current Treasurer of the ACA Northland Section and has served multiple terms on the Board of Directors for both ACA National and ACA Northland. With his interest in health and medicine, he was just elected to the Board of Directors of the Association of Camp Nurses. He has 2 children, Tim and Jordan, and resides in Edina, Minnesota. His passions include construction, motorcycling, traveling, sailing, and working with non-profit organizations feeding and housing the homeless.

Favorite Camp Activity: Sailing
Best Camp Memory: Canoeing in Canada
Favorite Camp Meal: Lasagna
Childhood Hobbies: I loved wilderness and camping trips!
Favorite Camp Value: Excellence – I like to strive to always do things better than before and help others do the same.
Goofiest thing I’ve done at Camp: I was kidnapped and held hostage for a special day by the LTs!

How you have managed to develop a program that keeps children happy, helps them to grow, and makes their parents feel so satisfied all at the same time…I have no idea. But I’m very glad that you guys are so good at what you do!