Climbing Wall

Located at Camp Lincoln, we offer the Midwest’s premiere outdoor climbing wall with a 56 feet vertical face and a 60 feet multiple-incline backface. At 14 feet wide, our Climbing Wall has the ability to accommodate three climbers on each side simultaneously. Located next to our Climbing Wall is our Bouldering Wall, which stands 10 feet high and has 76 feet of climbing length. Campers of all ages enjoy the challenge and self-esteem-building experience that comes with conquering the Climbing Wall. Grips and holds are arranged in a manner that allows climbers of all levels a physical and mental growth experience, from beginners to team climbers. Participants on the Climbing Wall are required to wear helmets and a harness.

The independence the kids have in deciding their own activities and actions means a great deal in helping our girls grow up to be self-sufficient, confident women.