At Sailing, one of Camp Lake Hubert’s most cherished activities, we offer classes for all skill levels taught by our specially trained staff. Our fleet consists of E-class, C-class, X-class, M-class, Pico boats, and 420’s. Spring-fed Lake Hubert is over 1300 acres and has steady winds which make for ideal instruction and racing. Campers can master the concepts of rigging, de-rigging, knots, commands, landing, docking, and points of sail, while tracking their progress with an achievement-based awards system. As campers progress, they may get into more of the technical aspects of sailing and racing. Experienced Sailors will have the opportunity to participate in our own camp-sponsored or local Regattas. In accordance with Camp Lake Hubert’s safety standards, all campers and staff wear lifejackets while participating in this activity.

The independence the kids have in deciding their own activities and actions means a great deal in helping our girls grow up to be self-sufficient, confident women.