• Rustic, log-style cabins.
  • Two-story design with three camper sleeping rooms, one counselor sleeping area, a center room for gathering and indoor bathrooms.
  • Indoor bathrooms with heated water and individual stalls.
  • Seven to eight campers per chalet and five staff per cabin.
  • Campers are given their own bed, green shelf (bedside table), and a large column of cubbies for all of their personal belongings.
  • Cabins are organized by school grade and length of stay.
  • Pairs of cabins will have a centrally located shower house.
  • Each shower house is equipped with individual shower stalls and heated water.

Vera’s experience has always been positive and life-changing. I especially love that she gets a healthy dose of summertime away from all distractions and free to explore who she is in a safe, nurturing environment.