Camp Lake Hubert’s long, rich history stretches back to 1927 when the first campers arrived on the south shore of Lake Hubert. Brownie Cote chose this site over several he was considering, constructing the first few buildings – still in use today – during the winter of 1926.

Dr. William Rogers and Grace Rogers, the parents of Fred Rogers, were the first Directors of Camp Lake Hubert. They went on to guide Camp Lake Hubert for more than 40 years. They worked alongside Brownie Cote, Chuck Everett, and Fred Rogers to provide a camping experience for girls similar to what was created for boys at Camp Lincoln. The girls’ camp became a tremendous success. The program grew into an expansive multi-activity operation with a strong, geographically diverse population base.

In 1970, Bill Jones, a former camper and summer staff member at Camp Lincoln, joined the full-time team and soon took over directorship of Camp Lake Hubert. Together, Bill Jones and Sam Cote, Brownie’s son, continued to expand, enhance, and improve the Camp Lake Hubert operation. Thanks to the legacy of strong leadership and program throughout the decades, Camp Lake Hubert is now ranked as one of the premier all-girls camps.

Now after having more than 100 years camping excellence as a part of the Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert organization, and with tens of thousands of alumni, we continue to provide an enriching and empowering experience for girls all over the world. We look forward to continuing the tradition of camping excellence for another incredible 100 years and beyond!

The counselors at the airport were just fantastic. She was greeted as soon as she got off the plane and this introduction got her very excited about camp. Seeing this helped put her mother’s mind at ease about sending her to camp.