Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather like during the summer?

During the summer, Northern Minnesota enjoys moderate temperatures averaging in the upper 70s to mid-80s (Fahrenheit). Occasional rain showers ensure lush green forests and vast green fields, while the regular, sun-filled sky provides the perfect warmth for a dip in Lake Hubert. Even the early summer month of June provides plenty of bright sunny days for all activities, whether on the Athletic Field or at the Waterfront.

Is your camp affiliated with any organization?

Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert are owned by The Cote Family. Brownie Cote purchased the camps in 1923, and they have been in The Cote Family ever since. Sam Cote, Brownie’s son, joined the camps in the late 60s. His son, Ruggs, began working full-time in 1997 and now serves as the Executive Director of both camps. We are a privately owned, independent pair of camps, accredited by the American Camp Association.

What does it mean to be accredited by the American Camping Association?

ACA Accreditation means that Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert are overly committed to the health and safety of your child. We undergo a thorough review of our operation — from staff qualifications and training, operations, food service, healthcare management, and emergency management. American Camp Association collaborates with experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Red Cross, and other youth-serving agencies to assure that current practices at our camp reflect the most up-to-date, research-based standards in camp operation.

Does the camp have any sort of religious affiliation?

We have campers of many different faiths, backgrounds, and beliefs. In keeping with the traditions that were set in place back in 1909, we sing grace before all of our meals, and every Sunday we have a Camp Chapel Service. The services are non-sectarian and focus on the camp’s Core Values-Community, Excellence, Fun, Personal Growth and Development, and Quality Relationships. We ask parents to discuss the camp philosophy on spirituality before they arrive at camp.

What is the best age for my kids to come to camp?

It is up to you to decide when you believe your child is “ready.” Some children are ready at six years old, while others are ready a little later in childhood. We have new campers in every age range, so it is never too late to experience an amazing summer at camp!

How do most campers travel to camp?

At Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert, we make travel to and from camp very simple! The majority of our campers either come by car and are dropped off by family members, or they fly into the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport and take the Camp Shuttle with other campers and staff. For families who are local to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, we also offer a Camp Shuttle that leaves from our Eden Prairie Office. We want your travel to and from camp to be as easy and straightforward as possible, so if you have any questions while planning travel, please give us a call and we will be happy to offer some suggestions.

What are the cabins like?

We have rustic, log-style cabins designed in the early 1930s, with appropriate modern renovations over the years. Most of our cabins are alike with three bedrooms (called chalets), a large center room, and a bathroom right in the cabin. The bedrooms sleep five to eight campers with cubby areas for clothes and a traditional “green shelf” by each bed that holds each camper’s belongings. The large center room is like a living room for the cabin. It has a traditional wood-burning fireplace, and a great place where cabin meetings and fun cabin events take place. As mentioned, bathrooms are located inside the cabin with toilets and sinks. Hot water showers and bathrooms are located within walking distance.

Camp Lincoln | Camp Lake Hubert

Do campers get to choose their own activities?

Yes, campers get to choose their own activities. Traditional campers choose 4 to 5 activities a day, participate in those activities for three days, choose again for the next three days, etc. Evening activities are either done by the cabin group, the camp division, or the entire camp community.

Can I request my camper's cabinmates or counselors?

We do our best to accommodate cabinmate requests, although we always make sure to do what is best for the community. Campers are placed in cabins with other campers that are staying for the same length of time, as well as their grade/age range. Requests to be in the same cabins with a friend who is older or younger, by more than a year, will likely not be honored. As for counselor requests, we are unable to accommodate them.

What are the activities like?

Please visit our activity pages on either the Camp Lincoln or Camp Lake Hubert page for detailed information about our activities at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert.

Boys Activities | Girls Activities

How is the food?

Our food is excellent! We know how important it is to fuel our campers with a large variety of delicious and nutritious food throughout each day. At breakfast, we offer a variety of cereal, a breakfast bar with oatmeal, yogurt, and fresh fruit, and we also always provide an entrée and side, such as: pancakes and sausage, eggs and bacon, breakfast burritos and hash browns, etc. Our lunches and dinners consist of a freshly cooked protein, two vegetable sides, and, sometimes, a bread roll or some sort of potato dish in order to provide a wide range of healthy options for all tastes, we offer a large salad, fruit, and sandwich bar, at lunch and dinner. Our snacks in the afternoon, or evening, have gotten tastier and more nutritious over the years too! Fresh fruit can always be chosen for a light snack to tide oneself over until the next meal. Though most of our meals are eaten in family-style in cabin groups, we do have regular special meals. Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert have cabin cookouts, as well as field meals, where the camp eats together as a community.

Does camp accommodate special dietary needs?

Yes, Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert are both able to accommodate people with a variety of special dietary needs, including vegetarians, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, etc. These needs must be discussed with a Camp Director and noted on the applicable camp forms prior to camp.

What are the counselors like?

Counselors come to Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert from all over the United States, and every corner of the world. There are four to six staff members per cabin, so it is fairly easy to get to know each unique counselor. Our counselors have typically completed at least one year of college or university, and have worked with youth in the past. Some counselors are former campers themselves, and a number have participated in our Leadership Training Program at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert. Our counselors are caring, fun, skilled in many activities, and help to make summer an unforgettable experience year after year!

How are the staff trained?

Our tradition of excellence largely lies in the hands of our dedicated staff. We are extremely intentional in our hiring process. We offer positions to only those truly committed to being a teacher, counselor, mentor, protector, and friend to all of our campers. Our prospective staff members go through extensive interviews, background checks, and an intense ten-day training session before officially joining our summer staff team. All staff members are CPR and First Aid certified, and our waterfront staff includes a number of certified Lifeguards. Our staff members are either college graduates or are currently attending college or university. Many of our staff were once campers themselves. Our campers are motivated to join our staff and recreate the experiences that impacted them to return year after year.

What kind of medical staff do you have?

Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert each have a complete health center with three health staff that are registered nurses or are currently enrolled in a nursing degree program. Our health center staff handles the day-to-day health, medical services, and needs of all campers and staff. A major hospital is just 12 miles away if needed.

What if I need to cancel my camper from camp?

Though we would love to have your child join us this summer, we understand that sometimes plans do change. If this should be the case, please contact our office right away. Refunds are based on many factors including the date of registration, as well as the date that you cancel. No reduction of fee is made for late arrival, early departure, or dismissal from camp.

Cancellation schedule and fees.

What is the "expense deposit" on my billing statement?

Camp charges an extra deposit for Miscellaneous Camp Expenditures. This deposit ($150 to $400 depending on the length of stay at camp) is required and should be looked at like a “Camp Bank Account” for your camper. Items charged to this account include camp store purchases, trips (local and special), charter bus to and from Minneapolis, laundry, yearbook, bedding, prescriptions, etc. Only those items actually used or items purchased will be charged and any balance remaining will be refunded or billed in October.

Can we tour the camps?

Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert will be hosting tours for Prospective Families ONLY. These tours should be made by calling the camp office so that we are fully prepared to showcase our camps. Parents, family members, and/or relatives of campers enrolled for Summer 2023 will NOT be able to visit their campers or tour either camp during their session.

Can we visit our campers when they are at camp?

While you can visit your camper we do not recommend it. In our experience, we find that family visits can trigger or re-trigger feelings of homesickness. If you still wish to visit, you can set up a time by calling the camp office at 218-963-2339.

What type of communication will we have with our campers while they are at camp?

Phone Calls: Any children who arrive to camp by bus will call home to tell you that they arrived safely as soon as they have arrived at camp. If you are not available, they will leave a message. Other than to call you when they arrive at camp, we do not allow campers to use the telephone or to call home, except in cases of emergency. Should you wish firsthand information about your child, we encourage you to call the camp office and we will be happy to take a message and have your camper’s counselor return the call, usually by the time of the next meal. If your camper’s staff member is unavailable, a member of the leadership team will contact you.

Snail Mail: Letters are very important! Please send cheerful letters with a focus on camp, not on what your camper is missing at home. We suggest mailing a letter to your child before they leave home so that they will have mail waiting for them. Please try to write your child at least two or three times a week.

Send mail to:
Camper Name
Camp Lincoln/Camp Lake Hubert
Cabin Name (if known)
P.O. Box 1308
Lake Hubert, MN 56459

Emails: It is easy to send campers emails via your Bunk1 account. Please visit Bunk1 here to set up your account or log in to send emails and view photos.

Faxes: Faxes are delivered with the regular mail. Please remember to put your camper’s first and last name, as well as their cabin name, on each page of the fax. Our fax number is 218-963-2447.

How often do you update photos on your website?

We have partnered with Bunk1’s secure, easy-to-use, summer website service to give you a front-row seat to see all the action. You can browse through camp photos at any time with your Bunk1 login. Please visit Bunk1 here to set up your account or log in to send emails and view photos. These photos will give you an insight to the daily happenings at camp, including regular activities and special events. Photos are uploaded every day, with the exception of the weekly “Special Day”. Our camp photographers do their best to get pictures of every camper as often as possible, but may not have the ability to take a picture of every camper every day.

What is the electronics policy?

Camp is a place to play outdoors and connect with fellow campers and staff, without the use of electronics and social media. We do not recommend that electronic devices be brought to camp; although, they can be used during travel, and will be placed in the camper’s valuable envelope once they arrive. These devices tend to be expensive and fragile, so bringing them to camp is done at your own risk. Camp is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal property. Certain electronic devices are prohibited at camp, including items that are capable of: viewing or storing videos, accessing the internet or any wireless service, operating as a cell phone or connecting to cell towers. Camp has plenty of staff members collecting photos and video material in order to commemorate your camper’s summer.

How can I upload my iTunes on an MP3 player that follows the electronic policy?

Many MP3 players or iPods have video capability, these can be stored in a valuable envelope while a camper is at camp. If a camper would like a non-video capability MP3 player for the cabin, then you might need assistance reformatting your music files. This step-by-step guide will show you how to reformat your iTunes music for a different MP3 player.

What is the camper package policy?

Care packages and gifts are not allowed at camp. Letters are the best way to show your camper you are thinking about them. Magazines, books, and forgotten items listed on the Camp Packing List (pages 22-23 of the Parent Handbook) can be sent to your camper. All packages larger than a flat envelope will be opened by a Director or their appointed staff. Care packages, and all items not listed on the Camp Packing List, will be donated to a local charity. You may read more regarding our Package Policy (page 4 of the Parent Handbook). Please let friends and family know of this policy.

What is the Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert bullying policy?

It is our goal to create and sustain a safe and nurturing environment throughout the entire summer while giving your child the chance to make their own choices and grow in our community. Our staff is impeccably trained to identify early signs of bullying and communal living challenges. Staff are taught how to act swiftly and appropriately in addressing the issue, and how to proactively establish an anti-bullying culture. In the case that a bullying situation may manifest, our counselors, leadership team, and Camp Directors always address and resolve the issue for both parties. Extra caution will be taken to monitor camper friendships to ensure that any bullying has completely ceased.

Do you provide a laundry service for campers?

Yes, laundry is done twice for Traditional Session Campers. Laundry is not provided for the Half Session Campers, except in an emergency. Please pack accordingly for the time that your camper is with us, and please mark your child’s name (not their initials) on each piece of clothing. It is recommended to write your child’s name on the inside of their laundry bag too. A local service does our camper laundry and the fee for this service is charged to the camper’s account (Miscellaneous Expenditures) each time.

Where do I send my camper forms?

The Travel, Cabinmate Request, Medical, and Camper Details forms should be submitted online through your CampMinder account. Your Physician and Anaphylaxis Forms should be sent to the following addresses during the corresponding times:

May 13th-August 16th:
P.O. Box 1308
Lake Hubert, MN 56459

August 17th-May 12th:
6600 City West Parkway #100
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Where is your office located?

From mid-May through mid-August, our office is located on campgrounds in Lake Hubert, Minnesota. While camp is not in session, we are at our Winter Office location in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

What address should I ship luggage and/or packages to?

Please ship packages to the camp’s physical address:
Camper Name
Camp Lincoln/Camp Lake Hubert
Cabin Name (if known)
23416 Camp Lincoln Road
Lake Hubert, MN 56459

What is Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert's Tax ID number?

Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert’s Tax ID Number is 410242405.

Being asked what I would like to see my child accomplish and then hearing that the camp worked on those skills with him is a huge benefit to me. The staff serves as such tremendous role models.