Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert are premiere, residential summer camps that offer seasonal jobs and internships for young adults across the globe. We have a tradition of hiring top-notch collegiate athletes, coaches, teachers and skilled instructors, passionate about their activities and youth development. Our staff always deliver quality care, opportunities, and programming to the campers.

Our camps are “skill-based;” we use that term to describe the activity experience. Campers work toward skill development in chosen areas. As campers learn activity skills from positive role models – that’s you! – they also practice social skills, community living, and group communication. The opportunity to influence youth in the unique setting of camp is life-affirming, challenges you daily, and builds a solid foundation for growth as a leader in all aspects of life.

When you work at camp, you get…

  • Daily personal growth and professional development opportunities
  • Lifelong friends and an extensive network of alumni from around the world
  • Competitive industry salary and travel pay
  • Great food! Three square meals per day, plus snacks
  • Room and board included
    Have you got what it takes?

    Working at a summer camp is not for the faint of heart. Our Winter Office is dedicated to bringing together the best summer staff team that has what it takes to deliver quality care and instruction to our campers. It takes someone with determination, level-headedness, and compassion to help make a summer successful. Being tasked every day with the care of other people’s children is no small feat. For staff, the days are early and the nights are long, but the memories you make with your campers makes it all worthwhile.

    What is in it for you?

    The relationships you make at camp are unforgettable. After 10 weeks at camp, you will walk away with not only a deeper sense of who you are, but also an understanding of the impact that you had on a young child’s life. The experiences you gain from work at camp not only benefit your personal life, they also benefit your professional life. Working at a summer camp greatly improves your time management and communication skills. Your growth can be seen in the years following during college projects, public speaking opportunities, and job interviews. When an employer sees your experience as a summer camp staff member, they see an employee with tenacity, integrity, and grit.

    So, why don't you work at Camp Lincoln and
    Camp Lake Hubert?

    Each summer, we ask our staff why they want to work at camp. The answers generally focus on “impacting the lives of kids” or “I want to do something different this summer.” It is true, camp does not pay as much as working at the mall or the local fast food place, but a summer at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert is not about what you put in your bank account.

    We have a saying here: “CFAB” (pronounced sea-fab), which stands for Camp Friends Are Best. You will not know how true that is until you have left the front gates to go home. Once you work a summer at camp, you will never want to go back to anything else.





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    Every day we all are constantly surrounded by technology. Having time in the woods of Minnesota without the distractions of cell phones, tv, video games, etc makes someone really learn to appreciate the beauty of nature and life.

    JOHN H. (OKLAHOMA - CAMPER 1993-2000, STAFF 2002-04, VOLUNTEER 2009-17)